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Connecting producers and users of hydrologic data

The exchange of hydrological data and information on a global scale is the principal reason for operating GRDC. The primary objective consists in supporting water and climate related programmes and projects of the United Nations, its specialised agencies and the scientific research community through the collection and dissemination of hydrological data across national borders in a long-term perspective. More : Connecting producers and users of hydrologic data

Serving international programmes and trans-national projects

Our long experience in collecting and harmonising hydrological data and the solid contacts to National Hydrological Services world-wide attract the interest of trans-national projects and international programmes. For the water-related programmes of the UN and their specialised agencies, GRDC operates special datasets like the Arctic Runoff Database, the European Water Archive or the Southern Africa Flow database.

The Artic Runoff Database (ARDB) is operated in support of research initiatives focused on the Arctic region like the Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) and the ArcticHYCOS projects. Initially assembled as dataset to support research conducted in the framework of the Arctic System Study (ACSYS), the ARDB is now maintained as integral part of the Global Runoff Database.

The European Water Archive (EWA) has been a central feature of the EURO-FRIEND-Water Programme since it's inception in 1985. EWA is hosted at GRDC since 2004. By release and on behalf of the National Hydrological Services, former EWA stations will be incorporated in the Global Runoff Database, and river discharge data provided under the conditions of the GRDC data policy.

The Southern Africa Flow (SA Flow) database was established between 1992 and 1997 to support rainfall-runoff modelling in scope of the SA FRIEND regional project. Initially hosted at the University of Dar es Salaam during the SA FRIEND Phase I, and maintained by the CEH in Wallingford in Phase II, the dataset is fully integrated in the Global Runoff Database and GRDC services since 2013.

For other special datasets see: Project related station catalogues

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