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Connecting producers and users of hydrologic data

The exchange of hydrological data and information on a global scale is the principal reason for operating GRDC. The primary objective consists in supporting water and climate related programmes and projects of the United Nations, its specialised agencies and the scientific research community through the collection and dissemination of hydrological data across national borders in a long-term perspective. More : Connecting producers and users of hydrologic data

Operating the Global Runoff Database

A global hydrological database is considered essential for research and application-oriented hydrological and climatological studies at global, regional and basin scales. The Global Runoff Database is a unique collection of river discharge data on a global scale. It contains time series of daily and monthly river discharge data of currently more than 9,800 stations worldwide. This adds up to around 435,000 station-years with an average record length of 44 years.

The Global Runoff Database is operated by the Global Runoff Data Centre (GRDC), an international data centre under the auspices of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The earliest data are from the year 1807, the most recent from the year 2019. The database is continously updated as soon as data are supplied to the Centre by national hydrological services, our primary data providers.

GRDC generates data products based on its data collection, for example Long-Term Statistics and Annual Characteristics, or Surface Freshwater Fluxes into the World's Oceans. The Centre provides a number of GIS layers for the generation of map products. All data, data products, and GIS layers can be obtained for non-commercial uses under the conditions of GRDC's data policy.

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