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Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020 Happy New Year 2020

A message from the head of the GRDC, Ulrich Looser

Availability of environmental data and access to these data are currently ranking high on many international agendas. The realisation that sound information and decisions are best supported by quality assured data with the required spatial and temporal resolution are putting increasing demands on monitoring networks and data centres.

For over 30 years GRDC is providing discharge data to the science and research communities in cooperation with National Hydrological Services. This service has been acknowledged by the fact that GRDC was amongst the initial 18 data centres/datasets that were successfully assessed and included in the “WMO Catalogue for Climate Data”. Evaluation and assessment methodology have been approved by the Eighteenth WMO Congress (Cg-18) in June 2019, which endorsed the “High Quality Global Data Management Framework for Climate (HQ-GDMFC)”.

Currently GRDC holds discharge data from roughly 10,000 stations from 161 countries, with about 435,000 station years of monthly and daily values and an average time series length of 44 years. This is the most comprehensive global river discharge dataset supporting climate-related programmes and projects of the United Nations and their special organisations and the scientific and research communities at large.

Due to the improving data situation, requests for GRDC discharge datasets and products are on an all-time high. The need for a data portal is now given and the development is at an advanced stage. Most likely the data portal will be made available to the public in 2020.

Fortunately GRDC was strengthened with the assignment of an additional post for scientific data processing and for product development in association with partner data centres.

2019 has been a successful year for data acquisition. This, together with rising numbers of data requests is reflecting GRDCs sound relationship with data providers and users. We at GRDC are working continuously to improve these relations and we are grateful for the high level of cooperation achieved.

Together with the GRDC team I wish you all the best for the year 2020.

Ulrich Looser

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