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Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021 Happy New Year 2021

A message from the head of the GRDC, Ulrich Looser

Environmental, including hydrological data are critical in helping to adjust to changing global conditions. This was highlighted at this year’s WMO Data Conference. Free and unrestricted exchange of data is being called for to improve climate services and address changes the world is facing.

For over 30 years GRDC is providing discharge data to support climate-related programmes and projects of the United Nations and their special organisations and the science communities in cooperation with National Hydrological Services. Since June 2020 the new GRDC Data Portal has streamlined data request procedures and made data more accessible to the users. The most comprehensive global river discharge dataset of more than 10,000 stations from 159 countries supported the acceptance of the portal.

The focus has now turned again to data acquisition to improve temporal and spatial resolution of the GRDC discharge data treasure. Here the willingness of many National Hydrological Services to supply GRDC with regular updates is acknowledged and valued and we also welcome the contributions of “new” data providers.

The revision of GRDC geospatial products “Major River Basins of the World” and “WMO Basins and Sub-Basins” have been completed and shape files and additional information are available on the GRDC website.

Although 2020 provided challenges as result of the pandemic, it has been a valuable year for GRDC activities in terms of data acquisition, product development and last but not least the new GRDC Data Portal. This clearly reflects GRDCs sound relationship with data providers and users. We at GRDC are continuing to work on improving these relations and we are grateful for the high level of cooperation achieved.

Together with the GRDC team I wish you personal health and all the best for 2021.

Ulrich Looser

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