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Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018 Happy New Year 2018

A message from the head of the GRDC, Ulrich Looser

The GRDC looks back at an exciting year 2017 which saw many changes in its operations as the aging database management system was replaced. Transferring metadata, timeseries data and required functionalities to the new system was often very challenging, as all these behind the scene activities were not allowed to interfere with routine work of data acquisition, storage and dissemination. Now with the new system operational, the GRDC is ready for increased data ingestion and delivery. Additional services offered by new technologies are planned for the years ahead.

The GRDC main database currently holds river discharge time-series data (daily and/or monthly) for almost 9500 stations from 160 countries with an average time-series length of 43 years. Negotiations with numerous National Hydrological Services are ongoing as more and more Services are realising that the real value of quality assured data can only be unlocked by a wide user community. This is valid for the modelling communities just as much as those developing indicators for the SDGs and others looking at optimising remotely sensed data by ground truthing datasets.

In June the GRDC biennial Steering Committee Meeting was held in Koblenz and the focus areas of the GRDC were confirmed.

Final inputs were given by the GRDC to the OGC® WaterML 2 – Part 3: Surface Hydrology Features Conceptual Model which has now entered the phase of becoming an accepted OGC standard in the ‘OGC WaterML 2’ suite of standards that groups water-related OGC standards.

Data requests for GRDC discharge datasets and products showed a jump of 20% to more than 440 and GRDC is supporting with its data numerous large international research projects.

Reliable Data Providers, Users and Partners are supporting the GRDC and are instrumental in its success. I trust that these good relations can be extended and strengthened in future.

Together with the GRDC team I wish you all the best for the year 2018.

Ulrich Looser

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