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A global hydrological database is considered essential for research and application-oriented hydrological and climatological projects at global, regional and basin scales. This includes water balance studies, investigation of trends in long-term hydrological time series, estimation of flux of fresh water and pollutants into the oceans, or the coupling of runoff quantities with water quality data.

GRDC acts as a contact point for international organisations, programmes and projects as well as research centres and universities.

In line with its UN mandate, GRDC is in touch with many organisations and Partner Data Centres, and contributes to International Research Programmes and Programmes and Projects of the United Nations. With partner data centres in the field of hydrology GRDC develops data products and specialised databases assembled for projects both on regional and global scale. GRDC operates the European Water Archive (EWA) for the European FRIEND initiative of UNESCO-IHP and the Arctic Runoff Database (ARDB) to support the ACSYS/CliC project of WMO-HWRP.

Co-ordinators of international programmes and trans-national projects are inquired to develop joint data products with GRDC.

The GRDC encourages researchers to use the Global Runoff Database for studies and research in direct collaboration with the Centre. The Centre is prepared to invite and accept guest researchers.

Joint products actively demonstrate the added value of data and information integration facilities of international data centres.

To all who used GRDC data in their research project, GRDC offers the opportunity to get a wider audience by publishing the project results in the GRDC Report Series. Please contact us if you are interested!

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