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National Hydrological and Hydro-Meteorological Services

The National Hydrological and Hydro-Meteorological Services are the prime providers of river discharge data. GRDC is in permanent contact with a large number of national services and other national bodies in the fields of operational hydrology. The responsibility for hydrometric and hydrologic data varies from country to country. Depending on geographic conditions and political priorities, operational hydrology is the responsibility of the energy, agriculture, transport or environment ministries. Most often real-time data and historic data are managed by different institutions.

When responsibility is shared among different institutions, the identified institutions are listed. When a national hydrological service as such does not exist, the link is to that institution from which the Hydrological Adviser of the Permanent Representative with WMO has been designated. Please see the Composition of WMO publication (link below) for detailed information about the currently nominated Permanent Representatives with WMO and their Hydrological Advisers. If a national body in charge of hydrology and water resources assessment is not formally established in a country, the link is to the national body responsible for global environment facilities or climate change.

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