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The data held in the Global Runoff Database may be used in a wide range of research projects. Universities and scientific institutions use the data collected and processed by the GRDC to assess the World's available water resources under conditions of climate variation, as well as for the verification and calibration of hydrologic models and to validate model results.

Would you like to actively support the monitoring of Global Change and research on sustainable water resources management?

Then, help us to fill in the gaps and to keep the Global Runoff Database up-to-date. Your knowledge of local conditions is essential, your co-operation is highly valued. The online data transfer via e-mail, FTP or HTTP is preferred. CDs, diskettes and even printed media sent by postal mail are also welcome.

More than 140 parties have so far contributed to the Global Runoff Database.

Through multi- and bilateral collaboration the national services in the fields of operational hydrology have their shares in the success of GRDC. The re-distribution of data sent to the GRDC, is strictly controlled according to the GRDC Policy Guidelines, which respect the data ownership of the providing institutions and their professional competence for quality control. The use of data is limited to scientific applications.

GRDC sincerely thanks all data providers for their advice and assistance, and for the information and the data they contributed!

The research work documented in publications arisen from the use of the GRDC data set or parts thereof may help to make the GRDC data set more attractive and its usage more public. There is an increasing use of GRDC data for research projects on global and continental scales, which is a good reason to continue to support global data centres like the GRDC.

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