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Station Selection Criteria

Summary, for detailed explanation see the adjacent Information note on GRDC station selection criteria, data format and transfer.

The guiding criteria for the selection of a station for provision to the GRDC (only a few are sufficient to select a station) are:

  • stations at rivers which reflect best the hydrological regime of a region or part of a country
  • stations at rivers which are economically important in terms of population density and/or agro-based or industrial production
  • last downstream stations at rivers which drain into the oceans or have an internal drainage
  • stations with annual average discharge

    • greater than around 100 cbm/s
    • among the 10-50 highest in a region or country
  • stations with basin sizes

    • greater than around 25.000 sqkm, if next station to the sea
    • greater than around 50.000 - 100.000 sq km
    • among the 10-50 largest in a region or country
  • stations at rivers where the basin population is greater than 1.000.000 inhabitants
  • stations of rivers in pristine basin (often very small ones)
  • stations with long records, i.e. longer than 30-40 years, ideally covering the WMO periods 1931-60 and 1961-90.
  • stations with up-to-date information (1990-now)
  • stations which provide Near-Real-Time (NRT) access to current data, preferably via internet

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