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Southern Africa Flow Database of SA FRIEND support of FRIEND-Water, UNESCO-IHP and WMO-HWRP

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Southern Africa FRIEND Database - River Discharge Stations Southern Africa FRIEND Database - River Discharge Stations

The Southern Africa Flow Database, established between 1992 and 1997 to support rainfall-runoff modelling, contains flow time series data from about 815 stations across Southern Africa (SA). Initially hosted at the University of Dar es Salaam during the SA FRIEND Phase I and maintained by CEH in Wallingford in Phase II, the SA Flow Database is operated by GRDC since November 2010.

The data archived in the SA Flow Database have been supplied on a voluntary basis and free of charge by various data providers. SA Flow data are available under the conditions of the GRDC data policy. Please provide additional data and updates to the SA Flow Database if you happen to acquire these data as part of your special SA FRIEND project.

Since 2013, the SA Flow Database is fully integrated into the Global Runoff Database (GRDB). Access to data follows the GRDC data policy of free and unrestricted but identified access and is limited to non-commercial applications. Use the SA FRIEND Project Stations catalogue to create your individual list of stations for download via GRDC Data Portal. .

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