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Global Terrestrial Network for River Discharge (GTN-R) support of GCOS and GTN-H

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The Global Terrestrial Network for River Discharge (GTN-R) is the river discharge component of the Global Terrestrial Network - Hydrology (GTN-H) to support the Global Climate Observing system (GCOS) and the Hydrology and Water Resources Programme of the WMO (HWRP). The basic idea of the GTN-R project is to draw together the already available real-time discharge data provided by the National Hydrological Services (NHS) and to redistribute it in a standardised way. Core component is the GCOS Baseline River Network of gauging stations located near the mouth of the World's major rivers. In cooperation with the Hydrological Services of the WMO Member States this network is continually being extended by confirmation of additional stations. The GCOS Baseline River Network is a project in progress with a current status as of September 2019 of 326 gauging stations worldwide.

The GRDC contributes to the GTN-H by collection of discharge data. Access to GTN-R data follows GRDC's data policy of free and unrestricted but identified access and is limited to non-commercial applications. Use the GCOS/GTN-R Stations catalogue to create your individual list of project stations for download via GRDC Data Portal.

map of gtnr stations provided for the GEOSS GTN-R Stations provided for the GEOSSGRDC Stations of the GCOS Baseline River Network provided for the GEOSS

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