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GTN-R Online

The GTN-R Online data service provides time series of monthly mean discharge of the GRDC stations corresponding to the GCOS Baseline River Network. The monthly means of river discharge are provided for the WMO reference periods 1931-1960, 1961-1990 and 1981-2010.

The timeseries of monthly means, MonthMean (Daily), are aggregated from daily discharge data as released by the National Hydrological Services. If a National Hydrological Service additonally provided monthly means, these timeseries of 'original' monthly means, Monthly Mean, are also given. Please note, that for a few stations daily data are not available at the GRDC, and only Monthly Mean timeseries will be provided.

WMO Region Stations1931-19601961-19901981-2010
WMO Region 1 (Africa)TXTWML2WML2WML2
WMO Region 2 (Asia)TXTWML2WML2WML2
WMO Region 3 (South America)TXTWML2WML2WML2
WMO Region 4 (North, Central America and Caribbean)TXTWML2WML2WML2
WMO Region 5 (South-West Pacific)TXTWML2WML2WML2
WMO Region 6 (Europe)TXTWML2WML2WML2

The timeseries data are provided via the Geoportal of the German Federal Institute for Hydrology (BfG) in the OGC WaterML2 standard format (WML2) using a standard Sensor Observation Service (SOS2).

Please cite in your publication the GRDC as the source of the data: GRDC [Year of retrieval]: Daily River Discharge Data of GTN-R / Online provided by the Global Runoff Data Centre of WMO. Koblenz: Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG), [Date of retrieval:YYYY-MM-DD].

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