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European Water Archive (EWA) of EURO-FRIEND-Water

... has been a central feature of the EURO-FRIEND-Water Programme.

Since it's inception in 1985 the European Water Archive (EWA) collected long-term daily flow data and catchment information from more than 4000 river gauging stations in 30 countries. In October 2014 the EURO-FRIEND-Water meeting in Montpellier concluded that the EWA will no longer be updated and will be "frozen at its current state".

map of ewa stations European Water Archive (EWA of EURO-FRIEND)European Water Archive: 4105 Stations in Europe

The Global Runoff Data Centre (GRDC), Federal Institute of Hydrology, Koblenz, Germany, hosts the European Water Archive since 2004. The archived data remain unchanged until permission is received from the data provider to integrate the EWA stations into the GRDC and to include the EWA flow data in to the Global Runoff Database. By release and on behalf of the data provider, the former EWA stations and timeseries will be fully integrated in the Global Runoff Database and provided free of charge according to GRDC data policy.

Data can be ordered by following the GRDC data ordering procedures. Please note that the EWA station catalogue reflects the status of October 2014. Please use also the GRDC station catalogue for up-to-date data of EWA stations that have been transferred to the GRDC database.

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