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Arctic Region Discharge Data

... in support of ACSYS, CliC and Arctic-HYCOS

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map of project stations in the Actic region GRDC stations in the Arctic region (Status: Jan 2020)GRDC stations in the Arctic region (Status: Jan 2020)

GRDC currently holds river discharge time series from 2625 gauging stations in the Arctic region with earliest records from 1877 and an average time series length of 41 years, with a range from 1 to 138 years. Initially compiled for the ACSYS and CliC projects now the Arctic Region Dataset forms an integral part of the Global Runoff Database and is continually updated. Especially in the context of the Arctic-HYCOS project, the Arctic Region dataset is being expanded and updated to support the Arctic-HYCOS basic network.

Access to data follows GRDC's data policy of free and unrestricted but identified access and is limited to non-commercial applications. Use the catalogues of stations in the Arctic to create your individual list of project stations for download via GRDC Data Portal.

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