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… understanding the cryosphere

The Arctic Climate System Study (ACSYS) was initiated to ascertain the role of the Arctic in global climate. The GRDC assembled and maintained the Arctic Runoff Data Base (ARDB) as contribution to the ACSYS Data and Information Service (ADIS) and the Data and Information Service for CliC (DISC) to support studies conducted in the framework of ACSYS. ACSYS ended in December 2003 and is continued within the Climate and Cryosphere Programme (CliC), which focuses on research of processes how the cryosphere interacts with the other components of the climate system.

The data set initially compiled in the Arctic Runoff Database (ARDB) was continously updated and is now integral part of the Global Runoff Database. Access to ARDB follows GRDC's data policy of free and unrestricted but identified access and is limited to non-commercial applications. Use the ACSYS Project Stations catalogue to create your individual list of project stations for download via GRDC Data Portal.

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