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Global Freshwater Fluxes (WMS Endpoint for use with GIS client)

The Global Freshwater Fluxes into the World Oceans are provided via WMS and WFS. The URLs below may be used to integrate the WMS or WFS endpoints into a GIS Client (e.g. add a dataset to ESRI ArcMap using the Add Interoperability Connection dialog box of ArcGIS Catalog):

may be used to integrate the map layers of freshwater fluxes from GIWA regions, within 5°/10° latitude bands and via 5° coastline cell. Clicking on a region or coastline cell will provide the annual volumes of freshwater input from the selected region or coastline cell as well as the means 1961-1990, 1971-2000 and 1960-2009.

Please note: These endpoint is not meant to be used in a web browser. So, just clicking on them will probably open up the browser on your computer. But the server is not responding !!! This is because these endpoint is source for client applications like ArcGIS or QGIS which are also able to process the data provided by the service.

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