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Freshwater Fluxes to the oceans over 5° or 10° latitudinal bands (GRDC, 2009)

This special application of GRDC's Surface Freshwater Fluxes into the World Oceans (GRDC, 2009) calculates annual freshwater inputs to the oceans over 5° or 10° latitudinal bands summarizing the individual flux values of the relevant 0.5° coastline cells.

All associated result tables presenting a detailed overview of variables associated with the flux to the oceans are formatted according to the template after Baumgartner & Reichel (1975), table XXXV (Baumgartner, F. & Reichel, E. (1975): The World Water Balance: Mean Annual Global, Continental and Maritime Precipitation, Evaporation and Runoff. Oldenbourg, Munich, Germany).

Download the tables of estimated freshwater fluxes from hinterland catchments over coastline cells within 5° or 10° latitudinal bands (PDF) and associated tables

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