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date of issue September 24, 2008

Derivation of watershed boundaries for GRDC gauging stations based on the HydroSHEDS drainage network / B. Lehner (Department of Geography, McGill University, Montreal, Canada)

Modern GIS technology allows for the delineation of basins for almost every point on the Earth’s surface. Against this background, GRDC is repeatedly asked for the provision of watershed boundaries for the gauging stations represented in the Global Runoff Data Base. The watershed boundaries of more than 7000 GRDC stations were generated using the HydroSHEDS drainage network.

This report describes the procedures for station allocation and the calculation of watershed polygons.The resulting polygons (one for each station) were attributed with the corresponding GRDC station records. Both the re-allocated GRDC stations (points) and corresponding watersheds (polygons) were delivered in ESRI shapefile format.

GRDC is happy to have engaged Bernhard Lehner from the McGill University Montreal, Canada, for the creation of the watershed boundaries for more than 7500 GRDC stations represented in the Global Runoff Database. The generated ESRI shape files will be provided under the conditions of the GRDC Data Policy, which states the non-commercial use of GRDC data and data products and the overall citation of GRDC as the source. It will be updated from time to time whenever extensions are required by the developments of the Global Runoff Database.

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