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Geospatial Data Products

All map products are provided under the conditions of the GRDC Data Policy, which states the non-commercial use of the data and the overall citation of GRDC as the source. If you are interested to use GRDC data or products for your research, please accept and sign the Declaration of the Data User and send it to GRDC together with an explanatory summary of the project for which the data or map layers are needed. Please cite in all publications and products using the GRDC data or data products the GRDC as the source of data: Global Runoff Data Centre ([YYYY]): [Title] / Global Runoff Data Centre. Koblenz, Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG).

Disclaimer: GRDC reserves the right not to be responsible for the correctness, completeness or quality of the data behind the derived data. Ownership of the input data and responsibility for errors remain with the data providers. While every effort is made to check data for plausibility and to eliminate identified errors, there may be errors in the data unknown to the GRDC. Neither the GRDC nor its sponsors can be held responsible for the consequences of the use of GRDC data.

Major River Basins of the World, 2nd ed. (GRDC, 2020)

GRDC Major River Basins of the World (MRB) is an ongoing GIS project of the Global Runoff Data Centre (GRDC). It is provided for public use under the condition of full citation and reference to incorporated data from the HydroSHEDS database. This is the 2nd, revised edition 2020 and replaces the basin polygons and river lines of the edition 2007 (GRDC 2007).

More ...: Major River Basins of the World, 2nd ed. (GRDC, 2020) …

Watershed Boundaries of GRDC Stations (GRDC, 2011)

Modern GIS technology allows for the delineation of basins for almost every point on the Earth’s surface. Against this background, GRDC is repeatedly asked for the provision of watershed boundaries for the gauging stations represented in the Global Runoff Data Base. The watershed boundaries of more than 7000 GRDC stations were generated using the HydroSHEDS drainage network.

More ...: Watershed Boundaries of GRDC Stations (GRDC, 2011) …

WMO Regions and Subregions (GRDC, 2004)

The meteorological and related activities within WMO are coordinated by the WMO Regional Associations (RAs), composed of the WMO-Members from the respective regions of the world. The WMO regions basically coincide with the outlines of the continents.

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