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Steps to Order River Discharge Time Series

  1. Read the Policy Guidelines and agree to the GRDC User Declaration.
  2. Examine the GRDC station maps (see right margin) to see whether GRDC data may be useful for your research project.
  3. Download the GRDC Catalogue (XLS) from the catalogue menu item, or the KMZ files for use with Google Earth, and select your stations of interest.

    !!! Please use the most recent station catalogue for station selection !!!

  4. Prepare a list of selected stations and indicate the time period of interest, ideally in standard text (DOS ASCII) or MS-Excel format (XLS). Alternatively, you can use the GRDC order form (see right margin) for your data request.
  5. Write an explanatory summary of your research project (one page).
  6. Send Order Form, Station List, and Project Summary to the GRDC, preferably via e-mail (mailto:
  7. Please do not forget to send the signed User Declaration. Send it to the GRDC in electronic formats like PDF or a graphic format.

GRDC stations with monthly data, indicated by time series end GRDC stations with monthly data, indicated by time series endGRDC stations with monthly data, indicated by time series end

Note: For requests of large amounts of data, as required for example in research projects with a global coverage, we prefer to conclude agreements on co-operation. The essence of such agreements is that in return for data and service provided, the GRDC will have access to the results of your study and get the permission to cite it in its publications. GRDC offers to publish your project report in the GRDC Report Series under your name, if your study is found to be of general interest.

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