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Project related station catalogues

The project related station catalogues represent subsets of the GRDC station catalogue with reference to International projects to which GRDC has contributed.

International project to which GRDC has contributedspatial referencestation cataloguebasin* summarycountry summary
*basin delineation is rooted in the WMO Basin Indicators as defined in the Manual on Codes - Volume II: Regional Codes and National Coding Practices (WMO-No 306).
ArcticHYCOSArctic regionXLSXPDFPDF
Climate Sensitive StationsWorldXLSXPDFPDF
Freshwaterflux to the OceansWorldXLSXPDFPDF
GRDC Reference StationsWorldXLSXPDFPDF
Southern-African FRIENDSouthern AfricaXLSXPDFPDF
European Water Archive (EWA) of EU-FRIEND Data of the EWA remain separate and unchanged until permission is received from the data provider to integrate the EWA stations into the GRDC. For access to EWA data see "Special Datasets / European Water Archive"

For each project the relevant stations are listed in a catalogue of stations and provided as an EXCEL file for download; summary statistics by country or by basin reflect the availability of data at the GRDC. Mouse-clicks opens the project station catalogue or summary statistics.

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