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GRDC Station Catalogues

Please note: Google has completely removed FTP access within its Chrome browser. Please use Firefox browser for download of files.

GRDC Station Catalogue

The GRDC-Station Catalogue compiles the basic metadata of all GRDC stations including some summary statistics. The most recent catalogue is available as MS-Excel spreadsheet file at the GRDC Data Portal.

EWA Station Catalogue

The EWA Station Catalogue lists metadata from all stations represented in the EURO-FRIEND-Water Programme since it's inception in 1985 until October 2014. EWA is one of the most comprehensive hydrological archives in Europe comprising long-term daily flow data and catchment information from more than 4000 river gauging stations in 30 countries. Please note that the EWA station catalogue reflects the status of October 2014. Please use also the GRDC station catalogue for up-to-date data of EWA stations that have been transferred into the GRDC database.

GRDC Stations in Google Earth

Using Google Earth, the stations represented in the Global Runoff Database can be displayed providing the location and an set of basic metadata. The KMZ files are updated whenever a new catalogue of GRDC stations is published.KMZ files are provided for download to display the GRDC stations sorted by country or by WMO region and subregion. Mouse-click on the selected file to open a download window to start Google Earth directly. Alternatively, download the KMZ file, start Google Earth separately and open the file from there.

Note: Due to incorrect geographic co-ordinates on the providers' side, some stations may not be properly located on the river. While every effort is made to eliminate co-ordinate errors, some errors may remain beyond our control.

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