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Download discharge data with just a few mouse clicks

SORRY ! Due to extrem high demand, the download system is overloaded and difficulties can be experienced.

River discharge time serie are given in:

  • GRDC Export format (ASCII text),
  • WaterML2 format (XML, standard exchange format for hydrological time-series),
  • ZRXP exchange format (ASCII text, used between WISKI Systems).

Primary values and long-term statistics are given in GRDC Statistics format (ASCII text). Watershed boundaries of GRDC Stations are provided as GeoJSON files.

With data download you accept Terms of Use, Data Protection Regulation and Data Sharing Conditions of the GRDC.

GRDC very much appreciates if your study results are made available for the GRDC, as well as publications that result from the use of the data set or parts thereof. GRDC offers to publish your project report in the GRDC report series under your name if your study is of general interest.

In case you have difficulties accessing the GRDC Data Portal please send your data request with an explanatory summary of your research project (one page) and a list of stations of interest to the GRDC (

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