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Map views support the usual zoom functions and selection tools. Hoover boxes, filters and search fields will help you find suitable stations. Table views with configurable columns allow a more detailed selection. Selection of several items is summarized into one download. Disable your previous selection before starting a new one.

To start a data download, select your subregion or stations of interest, click on the download button, complete the form, choose your preferred export format and agree to the terms of use and data sharing conditions. You will receive a confirmation and a request ID. A download link will be sent within 24 hours to the email address you entered. Due to technical reasons, it may take a few minutes after receiving the download link before data is available on the server. Please mention the request ID when making any inquiries about your download.

To download the associated "Watershed boundaries of GRDC Stations" (basin polygons in GeoJSON format) activate the tick-box in the data request form.

Download by subregion (basin, sub-basin or coastal region)

Map, or map tiles: Select/deselect a region of interest with mouse-click. Mouse-click selects all gauging stations in a subregion. Use the associated table for more detailed selection.

Table: Configure your table as needed, select/deselect a region with a tick in line. Use SHIFT and CTRL keys for mutliple selection. Use the associated map for spatial selection.

Search: Use the search field to start a full text search to find a specific basin, sub-basin or coastal region.

Download by station

Map: Scale the map using the CRTL and +/- keys, or use mouse wheel for zooming. Click on a station cluster to see the stations inside. Moving mouse pointer over a single station shows upstream catchment and temporal coverage of available timeseries, mouse-click on station opens further details and displays hydrograph. Activate the rectangle or polygon tool to draw a box around your station selection.

Table: Configure your table as needed, select/deselect a station with a tick in line. Use SHIFT and CTRL keys for mutliple selection. Clicking the diagram icon in the last column opens time series display and some further station information. Check your selection in the associated map.

Filter: Use cascading filters to spatially restrict your selection to a region, subregion, water body or country, or to one of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Reference Periods defined for calculation of climatological and hydrological normals. Do not forget clearing all filters before a new search.

Download GRDC Station Catalogue (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet)

The GRDC-Station Catalogue (XLSX) compiles metadata of GRDC stations for which discharge data can be ordered. Use the offline catalogue to create your individual list of stations for download via GRDC Data Portal.

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