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30 years of connecting producers and users of hydrologic data

The exchange of hydrological data and information on a global scale is the principal reason for operating GRDC. The primary objective consists in supporting water and climate related programmes and projects of the United Nations, its specialised agencies and the scientific research community through the collection and dissemination of hydrological data across national borders in a long-term perspective. More : 30 years of connecting producers and users of hydrologic data

The WMO/OGC Hydrology Domain Working Group

The Hydrology Domain Working Group is a Joint Working Group of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the OGC. It brings together interested parties to develop and promote the technology for greatly improving the way in which water information is described and shared. This working group is to be hosted by the OGC and co-chaired by a representative from the World Meteorological Organisation’s (WMO) Commission for Hydrology (CHy). The Hydro DWG is intended to be a public forum for communication, and is open to interested parties.

The purpose of the Hydro DWG is to provide a venue and mechanism for seeking technical and institutional solutions to the challenge of describing and exchanging data describing the state and location of water resources, both above and below the ground surface. The path to adoption will be through OGC papers and standards, advanced to ISO where appropriate, and also through the World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) and its Commission for Hydrology (CHy) and Information Systems (WIS) activities. While CHy has the recognized mandate to publish and promote standards in this area, OGC contributes to the process with its resources and experience in guiding collaborative development among disparate participants in a rapidly evolving technological environment. It is proposed that the OGC Hydrology DWG will provide a means of developing candidate standards for submission to ISO and for adoption by CHy as appropriate.

The collaborative work in the Hydrology DWG led to the development of a series of water-related OGC standards simply known as the OGC WaterML 2 suite of standards. The GRDC actively contributes to the Hydrology DWG particularly to the development of a common conceptual model for describing typical features of the hydrology domain using established models and patterns endorsed by WMO and UNESCO.

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