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WMO Commission for Hydrology, CHy-14 session: results relevant to the activities of the GRDC

The 14th Session of the Commission for Hydrology (CHy) was held from 06 - 14 November 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland. Representatives from 51 WMO member countries attended.

Results relevant to the activities of the GRDC are briefly summarized:

  • The CHy Advisory Working Group (AWG) recommended to include an additional Thematic Area on “Data Operations and Management”  to the Programme of Work of the Commission. The inclusion of this new Thematic Area became necessary to better oversee the activities of the joint WMO / Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) “Hydrological Domain Working Group” which deals with the development of new data transfer standards for hydrology. The head of the GRDC has been nominated by the President of the CHy to co-chair the WMO/OGC Hydrology DWG.
  • OGC WaterML2.0 is a new international standard for encoding and exchanging time series water data, that has been developed by the WMO/OGC Hydrology DWG. CHy-14 adopted Resolution 7/1 which requests the WMO "Secretariat to take the necessary actions, under the direction of the AWG, to commence a process, including testing, that could potentially see WaterML 2.0 become a WMO standard for information exchange managed by WMO (supported by the WMO/OGC MOU) and to register this standard as a joint WMO/ISO standard".
  • The same resolution requests WMO member countries "to actively participate in testing and applying WaterML 2.0 in pilot projects and operational applications and to report their experiences and suggestions to the WMO/OGC Hydrology Domain Working Group".
  • The Commission has urged the GRDC to continue with the development, review and finalisation of a metadata profile for hydrology under the overall guidance of WIS/WMO Integrated Observing System (WIGOS) to form part of the WMO Core Profile of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) Metadata Standard.
  • The Commission decided to support the further development of a Hydrologic Feature Model (HY_Features) by the WMO/OGC Hydrology DWG and requested that increased engagement with this work is undertaken through the Data Operations and Management thematic area of the AWG.

The CHy-14 Session offered an excellent opportunity to discuss river discharge data provision from the various National Hydrological Services (NHSs) to the GRDC. Existing contacts could be reaffirmed and new contacts could be established. A strong commitment from the NHSs to provide data to the GRDC was observed and the GRDC is now trying to follow up on all the leads.

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