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WMO Task Team on the WIGOS MetaData (TT-WMD)

The first meeting of the WMO Task Team on the WIGOS MetaData was held from 11 – 15 March 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland. In accordance with guidance and recommendations of Cg-XVI, EC and ICG-WIGOS-1 (Inter-Commission Coordination Group on the WMO Integrated Global Observing System) the TT-WMD was requested to identify the information that is needed to allow the majority of users to use WIGOS observations in appropriate contexts and in a defensible way. For this to happen, the creation of a WIGOS core metadata standard is required, that allows the essential information to be exchanged unambiguously. Furthermore mechanisms for the implantation of the WIGOS Core Metadata Standard and its maintenance need to be defined.

The Head of the GRDC attended the meeting on behalf of Tony Boston, the CHy AWG member responsible for the "Data Operations and Management" theme. From the perspective of the Commission for Hydrology he outlined the specifics of hydrologic data collections and the requirements to describe hydrologic data as result of observation. He  pointed to the use of  existing/evolving standards in the domain of hydrology, particularly to those developed in the framework of the OGC Hydrology DWG.

The meeting resulted in a work plan to achieve the set objectives in time for WMO-Cg-17 in 2015.

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