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BfG publishes Annual Report for 2018/2019 (28.07.2020)

Hot off the press: The BfG has released its latest Annual Report for 2018/2019. In a new design, the report features a selection of current activities of the institute in protecting our Federal waterways. Topics covered are: the long-term low water in 2018, plastics in the aquatic environment and climate change. Overall, this latest edition shows our efforts towards a sustainable development of surface- and groundwaters nationally and internationally.

Cover Annual ReportSource:  BfG

The latest edition shows a cross section of the various fields of work and research activities of the BfG. New methods to predict water levels, for example, will help the shipping industry to better navigate through the Federal waterways. Further, the BfG collaborates with other national and international scientific institutions to develop methods that can reduce the detrimental effects of microplastics on humans and the environment. Other topics addressed in the report are: The BfG advises policy makers in developing a sustainable transport infrastructure for future generations and in improving biodiversity in and around our inland and coastal waters. The new report also demonstrates how the BfG supports the international research community with its International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change and the Global Runoff Data Centre.

The Annual Report is published every other year and is available for download on our website. All essential parts are translated into English. Please contact us if you would like to order a free copy of the printed version.

Download Annual Report 2018/2019

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