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Water levels – data from selected gauging stations on German federal waterways

Map with latest water-levels.

Handling / Database

Each point on the map represents a gauging station. Depending on their colour, the water level is low, medium or high. By hovering over the individual points, you can see the current water levels. Further information pops up after you have clicked on a point. The symbols on the map indicate the following information:

Low water level (≤ lowest mean value)

Mean water level (between lowest mean value and highest mean value)

High water level (≥ highest mean value)

No information available

The map is provided by PEGELONLINE, the hydrological information system of the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration ( The regional offices of the Waterways and Shipping Administration are responsible for collecting data at the gauging stations in their area. The data have not been reviewed.

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