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Knowledge transfer

Openness and communication are characteristic for the BfG's relations with its customers, partners and the general public. With the active transfer of its knowledge it encourages an understanding for the opportunities and the constraints of responsible water management and can thus support decisions and their realisation.

Speaker and audience at a BfG-symposium

By communicating with its customers and partners the BfG is constantly learning. This helps it to improve its topics, services, and activities continuously to meet the specific needs of its target groups.

Illustration of: Exchanging knowledge as a motor of constant improvementExchanging knowledge is a motor of constant improvement

For communicating knowledge it uses a variety of media and publications.

Information systems
In this section you find information and facts about watercourses, coastal waters, and canals, such as hydrographic and other hydrological data.

This year the BfG will again be staging a range of interesting events on various projects and topics.

Trade publication
The BfG publishes its own specialist journal: Hydrologie und Wasserbewirtschaftung (Hydrology and Water Resources Management).

Be it a specialist book, summary or report, the BfG documents major aspects of its work in its publications.

Central Library of Hydrology (Gewässerkundliche Zentralbibliothek)
In its specialist library the BfG has over 85,000 publications that can be borrowed from or consulted at the library.

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