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The journal Hydrologie und Wasserbewirtschaftung (HyWa) (Hydrology and water resources management) is a German-language periodical which comprehensively reports on hydrological topics. It serves as a platform for the publication of the latest developments in science and operational application. The range of contributions relates to the following subjects that are treated from qualitative, quantitative and ecological aspects:

  • hydrology
  • water resources management
  • water and material fluxes, water protection
  • inland and coastal waters
  • groundwater.

Only scientifically substantiated articles on current topics are selected for publication. An editing committee comprising representatives from universities, and from the Federal Republic and the Federal States guarantees that only high-quality contributions are published (peer review).

The HyWa also includes a news section for the exchange of information from the Federal Republic, the Federal States, and international governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Hydrology and water resources management

Further information is available on the website of the scientific journal "Hydrology and water resources management".

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