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Progress, economic efficiency, and environmental compatibility are not mutually exclusive but can complement each other in a sensible way. The BfG finds possibilities to ensure this.

Multilateral co-operation and responsible handling of nature and the environment are our central challenges. The BfG addresses these challenges actively – in the service of the people in Germany and in the international community of states.

Perceiving waterways as lifelines. Harmonizing economic and human activities with nature. Within Germany and beyondWaterways are lifelines

The BfG understands that its tasks require that it co-operates with many partners. Together with them it develops feasible solutions to challenging and complex problems.

As providers of scientific services, its staff members are the most important asset. Only thanks to their expertise and dedication can the BfG perform excellent services as a scientific institution. Its corporate identity emerged from its organisational development process. This is expressed in its mission statement.

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