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Organisational structure

Most of the BfG's approx. 380 staff members work in its scientific departments. It has three Divisions that are subdivided into thirteen Departments.

The scientific work is supported by Department C (public relations and controlling) and the Departments Z1 (administration) and Z2 (information technology) that perform interdepartmental tasks and report directly to the management.

Organisational chart of the BfG Referat G3 UNESCO-Zentrum ICWRGC, IHP/HWRP Referat C Referat M1 Referat M2 Abteilung G Referat G1 Referat G2 Referat G3 Referat G4 Referat Z2 Referat M3 Referat M4 Referat M5 Abteilung U Referat U1 Referat U2 Abteilung Referat U3 Referat U4

The BfG also has three international units. In July 2014, the International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change, founded by the German Federal Government under the auspices of UNESCO in Koblenz, has commenced work. Specialised UNESCO Water Centres pool competencies in single countries or regions, acting as international reference platforms for the exchange of knowledge and methods.

The ICWRGC supports the implementation of the “International Hydrological Programme” (IHP) of UNESCO and the “Hydrology and Water Resources Programme” (HWRP) of WMO. When establishing the ICWRGC, the management of the IHP/HWRP Secretariat has been incorporated into the ICWRGC. The Centre pursues the Secretariat’s tasks within the scope of these programmes.

The Global Runoff Data Centre (GRDC) works under WMO's auspices as a global centre for streamflow data.

See and click the flow chart to find more detailed information on the individual units (in German language).

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