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Water is crucial to our survival. All over the world, it is involved in its different physical states in innumerable natural and technical processes and systems, which sometimes assume continental or even global dimensions. Hence, the responsible and sustainable use of this precious resource is only possible if the nations work together.

Be it within Europe or on a world-wide scale, water-related activities are increasingly becoming transboundary efforts. The large global organisations like UNESCO or the WMO play a leading role in this context. In co-operation with many partners the BfG participates intensively in international water-related activities. Among other things, it provides several global data centres with information on water-related issues, contributes to the international hydrological programmes of UNESCO and WMO, and is represented in transnational river commissions. This intensive co-operation enables a fruitful exchange of knowledge with its international partners and allows it to share the latest findings of international top-level research. This has established the BfG's stable position within an international network and enables it to remain efficient and competitive at a high level both today and in the future.

The Federal Institute of Hydrology is also taking care of international duties by operating two departments with reference to global hydrological issues.

The International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change (ICWRGC)

The Centre was established in July 2014 by the German Federal Government under the auspices of UNESCO and is located at the Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG). The existing IHP/HWRP Secretariat, which is also hosted by the Federal Institute of Hydrology, is now part of the ICWRGC. Therefore, the Centre has taken over the German contribution to the “International Hydrological Programme” (IHP) of UNESCO and the “Hydrology and Water Resources Programme” (HWRP) of WMO.

Additionally, the ICWRGC works in close cooperation with its partners from the scientific community, operational hydrological services, other data centres and water-related UN-organizations such as FAO, UNEP etc.. It provides the partners with customized products to improve operational skills for decision making, and capacity development in the water sector.

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Global Runoff Data Centre (GRDC)

The GRDC is operating under the auspices of the WMO. It was established in 1988 at the Federal Institute of Hydrology. Its principal objective is the operation of the Global Runoff Database. This includes the data acquisition and maintenance of contacts, the processing and provision of river discharge data and the promotion of the GRDC and its data products. The GRDC is a contribution of Germany to the World Climate Programme Water (WCP-Water) of the WMO and UNESCO. An international Steering Committee guides the GRDC in its strategic direction and priorities.

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