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Interdisciplinary co-operation

To fulfil its tasks and assignments the BfG often integrates several disciplines of its scientific spectrum. For this reason scientists of its Divisions and Departments work together on many themes and projects.

Here you find some examples of such interdisciplinary activities (in German language):

Schiff mit Segel, Quelle: Sky Sails GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg (refer to: KLIWAS – Impacts of climate change on waterways and navigation – Searching for options of adaptation)

KLIWAS – Impacts of climate change on waterways and navigation – Searching for options of adaptation

Among all modes of transport, inland and coastal navigation excels by its energy efficiency and is thus making a contribution to the protection of the present climate. However, the efficiency of goods and passenger transport on waterways may be severely impaired by consequences of climate change in the future

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A dredger on a river (refer to: Over 40 million cubic metres)

Over 40 million cubic metres

Sediment deposits of over 40 million cubic metres need to be dredged every year from coastal waters, rivers, canals, and ports to keep them navigable. The environmentally safe and economical disposal of the dredged material is a demanding task that can be solved only by the co-operation of different institutions and disciplines. The BfG develops concepts, instructions, and decision aids for the cost-effective and environmentally safe disposal of dredged material.
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Logo INFORM (refer to: System INFORM)


Thanks to INFORM we can forecast and assess the ecological impacts of natural and construction-related changes in floodplains. This model observes the influences of water-level variations on the ecosystem of floodplains. INFORM combines and activates a variety of modules, programme components and programme techniques. INFORM processes the ecologically relevant data of the floodplains to generate important information for planning and decision-making. This will make it an effective planning tool for the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV) in the future.
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The large number of involved natural and cultivation factors considerably impedes strategic political decision-making for a modern river basin management which is very difficult due to the large number of natural and anthropogenic factors involved.. Hence, in co-operation with different national and Länder institutions and other specialized project partners, the BfG is developing a Decision Support System (DSS), in a first step for a trial project on the River Elbe. (pdf, 397 kb)

Download (pdf, 338 KB): Elbe-DSS …

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