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Germany's major rivers, coastal waters, and canals are lifelines that are used in many different ways. In its function as a scientific institution ranking as a supreme federal agency, the BfG continuously monitors and documents their status. Thus, it can offer competent answers to questions regarding the feasibility of certain projects, and mediates between different opinions and conflicting interests.

A dredger on a river in operationEconomic and ecological interests need not contradict each other

Its databases covering several decades of hydrological research reflect the BfG's wealth of experience. Thanks to the rich expertise and know-how of its staff members, it offers its customers and partners reliable results, thus helping them to save time and effort.

Figure: Importance of the wealth of knowledge and experience in the BfGEffective and reliable solutions based on systematically documented knowledge

Consulting & assessments
Based on scientific findings acquired by the BfG and elsewhere, it highlights sustainable and economic uses of our waterways. By doing so it contributes to the reconciliation of conflicting interests and goals.

Research & development
In the context of its applied research the BfG is constantly refining its measuring methods, theoretical approaches and forecasting models. These tools help the BfG to continually improve the interpretation of the available data.

Hydrological data
The BfG monitors the German federal waterways, records their condition and changes, and documents evidence – for instance in its hydrological information systems.

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