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Hydrological data

Only with well-founded data can the BfG obtain meaningful research findings and offer reliable and comprehensive advice. For this reason it collects and processes systematically data on a wide range of hydrological parameters and stores them for its own purposes. In addition, it offers data to external partners as part of its hydrological data service.

Remote sensing of marine pollution by an aircraftData acquisition with modern remote-sensing methods

For its work the BfG needs vast amounts of individual data that reflect both current and past conditions. Only by monitoring conditions prevailing in the past can it identify changes and be in a position to make forecasts. Its data bases embody a wealth of knowledge and experience that is unique in Germany.

For storing and processing figures, texts, and cartographic material the BfG employs modern information technology. Up-to-date database technologies enable it to integrate data and information of great variety and complexity in the work.

Figure: Hydrological Data, research & development, consulting & assessments and knowledge management in the BfGHydrological data is a separate service area of the BfG.

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