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Research and development are important pillars of the BfG's services. It tests, modifies, and develops methods for data acquisition and their interpretation and evaluation. It develops tests and assessment methods for hydrological processes and phenomena. It creates complex mathematical models that enable simulations and forecasting.

To fulfil its mission and support its customers and partners with well-founded and verifiable information, it works in strict compliance with scientific quality standards.

Sampling by river scuba diverScience and practice complement each other - also in the BfG's everyday work

The BfG's research has a strong orientation towards practical applications. It supports its partners with practice-focused solutions while keeping an unbiased and objective viewpoint in its scientific approach.

Through its research it stays up-to-date with the latest findings in hydrology and neighbouring disciplines. By contributing actively to the advancement of science in these fields, it can select suitable partners for joint research projects with a focus on quality.

Figure: Hydrological Data, research & development, consulting & assessments and knowledge management in the BfGScientific work with a strong focus on practical application - a major factor of the BfG's services.

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