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7-8 March 2017 in Koblenz

Workshop „Integrative approaches to remove compounds of emerging concern (CECs) in wastewater treatment”

The workshop gives an overview over recent progress concerning the most promising options for the removal of emerging contaminants in municipal wastewater treatment. The main topics are microbiological processes under aerobic and anaerobic conditions and combinations thereof as well as oxidative and physical-chemical processes such as ozonation and sorption on activated carbon. In addition the workshop focusses on the combination of modern biomolecular and analytical techniques to understand microbial and abiotic transformation. Benefits and limitations of integrative approaches to evaluate processes will be discussed with special attention to innovative techniques in ecotoxicology and non-target analysis. Furthermore, the impacts of discharged wastewater on river ecology will be discussed. Revealing current trends in micropollutant treatment, the workshop addresses decision makers, planners, operators as well as researchers.

The workshop is organized by BfG, Eawag and the University of Frankfurt, the partners in the ERC project “Athene”.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Thomas Ternes, BfG (, Dr. Adriano Joss, Eawag

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