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11 – 12 November 2014 in Koblenz

Workshop „Wastewater treatment targeted at organic micropollutant biodegradation“

The workshop is organised by the ERC project Athene and will summarize technical solutions that harness the true potential of biological processes for an enhanced biodegradation of organic emerging contaminants. The biological treatment options will be integratively assessed by advanced chemical and ecotoxicological approaches. A layout of different treatment options, including anaerobic treatment, carbon or nitrogen limited conditions and their combinations with conventional treatment is targeted by the workshop. One major strategy is the combination of successful anaerobic and aerobic processes.

A main topic of the workshop will be the evaluation of biological processes including methodologies such as analysis of selected organic micropollutants, identification of transformation products and transformation pathways, ecotoxicological studies including in-vitro assays and in-vivo studies, non-target screening approaches, enzymatic activity studies and effect directed analysis.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Thomas Ternes (, Dr. Arne Wick (

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