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24 – 26 February 2014 in Koblenz

13th meeting on vegetation databases „Vegetation Databases and Ecological Restoration”

Since 2001 the German Working Group on Vegetation Databases is dedicated to the development of phytosociological databases. In the face of rampant biodiversity loss, the care for native species and the restoration of communities and ecosystem functions has become an important tool for nature conservation. Interfering with ecological complexity, restoration has to be informed by profound knowledge of species and their interactions in communities. To anticipate actionism, its success has to be carefully measured. Vegetation databases must play a crucial role in the plan-ning, monitoring and readjustment of restoration measures. As comprehensive archives of species co-occurrence vegetation databases allow to define target species and forecast interactions with their competitors and facilitators. For given target species, they allow to identify habitats and communities most suited for re-establishment. Monitoring data stored in databases are readily accessible to statistical analysis of effects and trajectories.

The German working group on vegetation databases has therefore chosen ecological restoration as the focal topic of its 13th workshop to be held at the Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG) in Koblenz from 24-26 February 2014. We invite contributions (talks and posters) demonstrating the successful application of vegetation databases in restoration practice, as well as related theoretical, conceptual and methodological abstracts. As customary, reports and demonstrations of technical advances in vegetation databases and their statistical analysis are also highly welcome. The meeting will complemented by software demonstrations.

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