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24 June 2009 in Koblenz

GRDC 20th Anniversary Colloquium

For more than 20 years the Global Runoff Data Centre (GRDC) has been operational at the Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG). In late 1988 the GRDC was established at the BfG in Koblenz and since then it has been funded by the Federal Republic of Germany as a contribution to the World Climate Programme of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO). The GRDC operates under the auspices of the WMO.

The original global river discharge dataset of the GRDC was collected by the WMO in the framework of the First GARP Global Experiment in the early '80s. Since then the database has grown continuously and now encompasses discharge data from more than 7300 stations in 156 countries. To extend and maintain this global dataset the main functions of the GRDC will remain the acquisition and management of historical and near real-time river discharge data and associated metadata. For the provision of river discharge data, the National Hydrological Services of all WMO members remain the key partners of the GRDC. The user community served by the GRDC are the specialised projects and programmes of the United Nations dealing with climate and global change studies. Additionally a wide scientific and research community is utilising the global datasets for their studies on climate change, water resources management and related fields of research.

This Anniversary Colloquium provides an opportunity to highlight the GRDC’s progression in the role as facilitator between data providers and data users. It focuses on the data collection, services and products provided by the GRDC such as the latest version of the “Freshwater Fluxes into the World Oceans”. At the same time it gives selected researchers an opportunity to showcase their studies conducted with global river discharge datasets provided by National Hydrological Services through the GRDC.

The Anniversary Colloquium is aimed at science and administration professionals in hydrology, climatology, water resources management, and related fields who have an interest in trans-regional issues dealing with the water cycle and its relation to global change. An opportunity is provided to be informed on the wide variety of applications of the global river discharge datasets and for the establishment of new contacts.

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