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8.-10. Juni 2009 in San Francisco, California, USA


Micropollutants and hazardous substances, including pharmaceuticals, biocides, fluorinated compounds and ingredients of personal care products in wastewater, surface water, sediments, soils, groundwater and drinking water present numerous technical and institutional challenges to society and environmental and public health professionals. In June 2007, the Micropol Ecohazard 2007 conference in Germany provided an international platform for drinking water and wastewater engineers, environmental chemists, water and waste water utility managers, hydrogeologists, and ecotoxicologists to discuss the effects of micropollutants and their removal from water systems.

Because of the tremendous success of the 2007 conference, the International Water Association (IWA) has partnered with the Groundwater Resources Association of California (GRA) to invite you to attend Micropol Ecohazard 2009 to be held in June 2009 in San Francisco, California. This three-day event will profile the latest developments in the detection, risk assessment, treatment and regulation of micropollutants in water systems.

The German Federal Institute of Hydrology is one of the Co-Organizers.
Ansprechpartner: Dr. Thomas Ternes (

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