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17-20 June 2007 in Frankfurt/Main

Micropol and Ecohazard, 2007

5th IWA Specialised Conference on Assessment and Control of Micropollutants / Hazardous Substances in Water

In recent years several studies world-wide reported the identification of micropollutants such as pharmaceuticals, biocides, fluorinated compounds or ingredients of personal care products in wastewater, surface water, sediments, soils, ground water and even drinking water. Regarding micropollutants the Micropol and Ecohazard conference 2007 will encompass the currently emerging research in the fields of environmental chemistry, urban water management, intensive potable reuse technologies, ecotoxicology, human toxicology as well as regulations and measures to minimize hazards for biota and humans. Additionally, the emerging issue of nanotechnology related industrial applications and environmental implications will be a special focus of the conference.

Co-organizer: Dechema and IWA

Target audience: drinking water and wastewater engineers, environmental chemists, water managers, hydrogeologists, ecotoxicologists and toxicologists.

Dr. Thomas Track, DECHEMA e.V., Frankfurt am Main/D (
Dr. Thomas Ternes, Federal Institute of Hydrology, Koblenz/D (

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