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24. April 2006 in Koblenz

Workshop "Morphodynamics in floodplains: Effects on and by vegetation"

Natural river dynamics is the key driver for the creation and maintenance of a typical and high diversity of floodplain wildlife. Such dynamics strongly affect floodplain morphology as well as plants and animals. While being affected by flow dynamics, floodplain vegetation itself can alter it by slowing down the flow and enhancing sedimentation or erosion.

In a densely populated and cultivated landscape it must be clear where such "natural" river dynamics and its effects can be tolerated, whilst avoiding damage to human assets. In such landscapes, on the other hand, a floodplain with natural or near-natural flow dynamics is rated to have a very high ecological value.

Hence, it is necessary to understand the underlying processes in order to assess the potential risk of such dynamics.

This workshop addresses essential questions and approaches of river morphodynamics and its interrelation and feedback with floodplain vegetation.

The aims of the workshop are to describe these interrelations properly and to identify suitable and robust approaches to model the mutual effects.

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