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Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017 Happy New Year 2017

A message from the head of the GRDC, Ulrich Looser

The GRDC main database currently holds river discharge time-series data (daily and/or monthly) for more than 9250 stations from 160 countries with an average time-series length of 42 years. During 2016 river discharge data acquisition could be continued effectively. The effort over the last couple of years to streamline data acquisition activities are paying off and an ever increasing number of countries are now sending river discharge data updates at regular intervals. In meetings with representatives from National Hydrological Services agreements could be reached to further improve the flow of data to the GRDC.

In April the GRDC completed its registration process as a WMO approved DCPC (Data Collection or Production Centre) with the WMO GISC (Global Information System Centre) at the German Weather Service (DWD). Now the GRDC station catalogue and various data products are registered in the WMO Information System (WIS) and are accessible via this WMO portal (

In June the GRDC hosted the annual workshop of the WMO/OGC Hydrology Domain Working Group (HDWG). GRDCs continued involvement in the activities of the HDWG within the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) resulted amongst others that the OGC® WaterML 2 – Part 3: Surface Hydrology Features (HY_Features) Conceptual Model has now entered the final phase of becoming an accepted OGC standard in the ‘OGC WaterML 2’ suite of standards that groups water-related OGC standards.

The GRDC was instrumental in drafting the section of the ECV (Essential Climate Variable) River Discharge for the latest GCOS Implementation Plan which was released at COP 22 in Marrakesh. Worldwide deficiencies of river discharge monitoring and especially the lack of data sharing are highlighted in this report.

Data requests for GRDC discharge datasets and products increased to more than 350 and GRDC is supporting with its data numerous large international research projects.
Owing to all our Data Providers, Users and Partners and their valued support the GRDC can prosper. I trust that these good relations can be extended and strengthened in future.

Together with the GRDC team I wish you all the best for the year 2017.

Ulrich Looser

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