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Global Runoff Data Base - Status, Development, Use

The Global Runoff Data Base (GRDB) is built on an initial dataset collected in the early 1980s from the responses to a WMO request to its member countries to provide a global hydrological data set to complement a specific set of atmospheric data in the framework of the First Global GARP Experiment (FGGE). The initial dataset of monthly river discharge data over a period of several years around 1980 was supplemented with the UNESCO monthly river discharge data collection 1965-85. Today the database comprises discharge data of more than 9,300 gauging stations from all over the world.

Global Runoff Database - Updates: GRDC stations, last import year Global Runoff Database - Latest UpdatesGRDC stations, updates by last import year

Being fully integrated into BfG's central database concept, the GRDB is run on a Linux operated machine using a Oracle Database Management System.

Global Runoff Data Base - Statistics 2016

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