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22. – 24. September 2010 in Freiburg

International Symposium „Genotoxicity in Aquatic Systems. Causes – Effects – Future Needs“

Genotoxicity, mutagenicity and carcinogencity stand for the most adverse toxicological impacts of chemicals on human beings and environmental organisms. Therefore, natural water bodies like surface waters, ground waters and drinking water resources should be saved from anthropogenic impacts of substances with genotoxic potentials as far as possible.

Two years since the second International Symposium the next will take place in September 2010 to inform the scientific and regulatory community about advances and new strategies in the assessment of genotoxic hazards, to inform about the use of these assessments in regulatory policy and decisions, and to provide a multidisciplinary forum for the open exchange and discussion of ideas and opinions among students, research scientists, regulators and industry. Following the development of new technologies, this Symposium is focused on several different themes: genotoxicity of nanoparticles, ecogenotoxicity, sources and potential hazards of genotoxic substances in aquatic systems, and new trends.

Each Topic will include an invited plenary speaker, plus oral presentations selected from the submitted abstracts. Participants are invited to present platform presentations and posters.

Contact: Dr. Tamara Grummt, Umweltbundesamt (; Dr. Georg Reifferscheid, BfG (

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